The Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta offers numerous educational and professional development seminars and training sessions to meet the needs of Southern Alberta insurance professionals.  Delivered in a variety of formats and in various cities in our region, bookmark this page and visit often to keep informed of upcoming opportunities.  We also welcome you to contact us if you have a topic to suggest.

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  • The Generation G.A.P. Generational Applied Perceptions
    Brokers, adjusters, management will gain knowledge on how to engage their co-workers, staff members target clientele by exploring how each generation was raised, interacts with each other and motivated. Seminar Topics include : Identify each generation's characteristics and their primary influences Understand the differences between different generations Establish the impact that each generation has in the workplace Develop effective strategies to motivate each generation Apply these strategies [Ellipsis]

  • The MultiMillion Dollar CASL Market - Will you get your share?
    This webinar will start with basic information and work upwards to the business opportunities for insurance professionals. Underwriters and adjusters must understand what CASL (Canada's AntiSpam Legislation) is and what the legal/monetary risks are. The sales team has to know what is being sold now, why it is inadequate (under D&O and CGL), where the growth opportunities lie and how to sell it. The C-suite must understand its own exposures (diverse employee base, liability for independant ag [Ellipsis]

  • CIP Study Tips - From Start to Success
    Scary. Nervewracking. Queasy. Overwhelming. Are these words you've heard to describe some commonly experienced feelings when it comes to studying for and sitting CIP exams? Facilitated by Becky Wagner, CIP and experienced IISA Instructor, this workshop will offer you study tips and techniques to help you prepare for your upcoming Insurance Institute exams. It will also offer some stress relief by briefly explaining and demystifying some of the Insurance Institute examination protocol so you know [Ellipsis]

  • The Science of Drying
    This seminar presentation educates brokers, underwriters, adjusters and claims examiners about a broad overview of the scientific methods and theories used by professional water damage restorers adhering to the IICRC S500 guidlines. Participants will partake in hands on exercises and demonstrations including Category and Class identification for a variety of water loss scenarios. Participants will use mathematical formulas to calculate proper equipment loads for drying (air movers and dehumidifi [Ellipsis]

  • Restorative Drying and Communications Throughout the Claims Process
    This seminar presentation educates brokers, underwriters, adjusters and claims examiners about the basic premise of restorative drying for water damage and why restorative drying is critical. It explains what type of equipment restorers use to assess and dry water dmage. New and emerging technology is discussed. The claims process is examined under the lens of the industry's most asked question "how long will it take to restore my property?". A communication framework is provided. Discussion foc [Ellipsis]

  • Environmental Loss Management for Oil Spills
    If you are an adjuster, broker, underwriter or manager who deals with environmental or transportation accounts plan to attend this introductory webinar. Insurance professionals in all sectors of the industry will learn about different aspects to consider with environmental accounts, factors affecting clean-up costs, and various case studies will be discussed. Minimal technical background is required. Seminar Topics Include: Why clean-up a spill? Importance of documentation and rapid response Ris [Ellipsis]

  • Auto Claims 101: An Introduction to the world of Claims
    This seminar will increase your knowledge and awareness about Automobile claims, emphasis on personal auto, but with some content about Commercial Auto risk. This will be an interesting discussion about Casualty claims. Attendees can learn more about different types of claims, including negligence and legal liability claims; the complexities once claims move into litigation and how to manage litigation. Joel will talk about some of the unique types of claims that have been presented by policy ho [Ellipsis]

  • IISA-Personal Estate Planning WEB - March 14/17
    Everyone will need a will it is undeniable. Advanced planning is beneficial for everyone, no matter their financial or family circumstances. For people working in the insurance industry, this is especially relevant and will provide information they need to flag issues for their clients and provide appropriate advice or recommendations to get further legal advice. We will dispel some common myths about estate planning and probate, and learn about the other essential elements of an estate plan, in [Ellipsis]

  • Wellsite Abandonment: Understanding the Problem and the Liabilities
    As a broker, underwriter, or adjuster you will gain an understanding of the issues related to Well Abandonment, the Regulations and Inspection requirements. Well Abandonment: The equipment in the well and possible future areas for failure The surface equipment removal requirements Surface Reclamation and restoration Alberta Energy Regulator Directives: Well Suspensions Injection Wells Well Abandonment Oilfield Waste Liability Drilling Waste Management Emergency Preparedness Surface Development i [Ellipsis]

  • Clean Energy: Technology for the Future
    As a broker, underwriter, or adjuster you will gain an understanding of the issues related to the types of Clean Energy being used in Alberta. Technical Topics Include: History and Development Where and to what extent is the energy being currently used and future projections General Economics of each type of energy Applicable Regulations, Provincial and Federal Advantages and Disadvantages of each of the types of energy being used in Alberta Types of Energy: Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Bioenergy &a [Ellipsis]

  • IISA-Hazardous Materials Awareness WEB-Apr 25/17
    If you are an adjuster, broker or underwriter this webinar will help to understand mould, asbestos, lead, hazards with rodents and pets and the health concerns and remediation protocols and Radon gas considerations as a new health risk in Canada. To help understand the issues and risks associated with exposures and the causes of contamination. Seminar Topics Include: What mould is, where it is found, causes of mould growth and what mould is a symptom of another moisture issue Asbestos factors as [Ellipsis]