• Course of Construction: From Contract to Building (Commercial)
    Course of construction policies are issued for commercial ventures on a regular basis. Have you ever considered what happens when a claim triggers a COC policy? Join our panel of experts as they walk you through a building under construction. This seminar will analyze a claim professional’s process including an overview of the standard policy wording and the responsibilities of a broker . SEMINAR OBJECTIVES Review the claim adjustment process including investigation, causation, and the use of ex [Ellipsis]

  • Electrical Fire Risks in Old Homes - Victoria
    Electrical fires in older homes continue to be a concern within our industry. This interactive seminar will explore predominant electrical fire hazards in older homes and provide solutions to mitigate these risks. Through case studies, you will examine where electrical fire hazards are commonly present in older houses and provide new cost-effective solutions to reduce electrical fire risks. SEMINAR OBJECTIVES Predominant fire hazards in older homes & indicators of high risk homes Determine a [Ellipsis]

  • Insurance Fraud Webinar - Its Impact & What You Can Do
    Fraud is, and always has been a challenge insurance professionals need to be conscious of as it costs millions of dollars each year. With every technological advance, the avenues to commit fraud grow along with the level of deception and sophistication of fraudulent behaviours. As an insurance professional, your ability to identify and prevent fraud is a benefit to the entire industry. During this webinar, you will learn how fraud may arise from insurance policies and what initiatives the insura [Ellipsis]

  • Fire Investigation for the Insurance Professional (Nanaimo)
    Would you like to increase your understanding, efficiency and effectiveness when working with a fire investigator? If so, join us to learn the ins and outs of fire investigation from the initial examination through to legal ramifications. This seminar will build on the previously presented material but does not exclude those who did not attend those sessions. This seminar will present current fire investigation techniques and concepts. Methods to maximize the outcome of a fire scene examination [Ellipsis]