The Insurance Institute of Northern Alberta offers numerous educational and professional development seminars and training sessions to meet the needs of Northern Alberta insurance professionals.  Delivered in a variety of formats and in various locations in our region, bookmark this page and visit often to keep informed of upcoming opportunities.  We also welcome you to contact us if you have a topic to suggest.

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  • The MultiMillion Dollar CASL Market
    This session will start with basic information on CASL (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) and work upwards to the business opportunities for insurance professionals. Underwriters and adjusters must understand what CASL is and what the legal/monetary risks are. Brokers need to know what is being sold now, and how those products will respond under D&O and CGL policies, where the growth opportunities are and how to sell them. The C-suite must understand their own exposures (diverse employee base, [Ellipsis]

  • Don't Get Taken to the Cleaners
    Replacing contents in a loss can become complicated and expensive. Contents can vary in value from one loss to the next and often replacement leaves your insureds without adequate limits. This seminar will provide you with an understanding of what is involved in textile and electronic restoration, why contents limits are so important, the consequences of contents limits that are too low and the benefits of restoration versus cashing out. Presenter: David Bonnar, CIP, Water Restoration Technician [Ellipsis]

  • Environmental Loss Management for Oil Spills
    If you are an adjuster, broker, underwriter or manager who deals with environmental or transportation accounts plan to attend this introductory webinar. Insurance professionals in all sectors of the industry will learn about different aspects to consider with environmental accounts, factors affecting clean-up costs, and various case studies will be discussed. Minimal technical background is required. Seminar Topics Include: Why clean-up a spill? Importance of documentation and rapid response Ris [Ellipsis]

  • CIP Society Symposium 2017: Insurance in the 21st Century - Shaping our Future
    The inaugural CIP Society Symposium in Edmonton provides a full day of professional and leadership development alongside multiple networking opportunities with insurance and business leaders. The event will bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. With prominent keynote speakers, expert insurance and business presenters, CIP Society Symposium will provide yo [Ellipsis]

  • How to Analyze and Compare Insurance Policy Wordings
    T his session provides insurance professionals with a 'tool kit' for analyzing policy wordings to understand how different insurer’s wordings vary and what the implications of the differences in language can be. The facilitator will set up a logical and systematic framework for analyzing most types of policy wordings (with an emphasis on CGL and commercial property forms) as efficiently as possible and will enable participants to better differentiate as to which wording may provide better value [Ellipsis]

  • Analyzing Client's Contracts - Insurance and Beyond
    This seminar will provide technical information with respect to analyzing client insurance and indemnification obligations present in commercial contracts, as well as outlining the process for identifying and analyzing contractual risks. It will discuss the development of appropriate insurance, risk financing, and surety bonding strategies to fulfill contractual obligations and reduce client risks, as well as presenting strategies to optimize client service and reduce errors and omissions exposu [Ellipsis]

  • Not So Obvious Business Interruption Risks & Coverage Solutions
    This seminar will explore more advanced business interruption exposures and insurance. The risks discussed include: contingent business interruption and supply chain risk, extra expense, delay in start-up, income risks for public sector and non-profit organizations, service interruption coverage, extended indemnity periods, exacerbated delays due to environmental risks and shortage of skilled trades, and catastrophe related income risks. Also examined: insurance and surety products, such as cred [Ellipsis]

  • Client and Insurer Disaster Protection
    We all know from experience that natural disasters and man-made catastrophes can happen at any time. From earthquakes and floods to infernos and terrorist attacks, they present insurance professionals with a number of potential challenges. Are you and your clients prepared to handle such emergencies? Are you ready to handle a sudden large-scale crisis, including having to respond to a significant increase in loss reports and other operational challenges? In this seminar, you will learn how to as [Ellipsis]

  • Advanced Business Interruption with Leonard Boon
    Business Interruption Insurance has the reputation of being very complicated, and questions often arise about how the same (or similar) wording applies to different businesses with varying operations. This seminar aims to simplify the technical aspects of business interruption insurance and allows participants to gain insight into how coverage applies in practice through the use of problem-based learning. Utilizing hands on numerical exercises to depict how the wording is applied helps participa [Ellipsis]

  • Building Better Relationships at Work
    Have you ever wondered why connecting and working with some people is easier for you than working with others?  Have you noticed that you relate better to colleagues who focus more on creating momentum and inspiring others than those who are very direct, or strive for accuracy and perfection? Perhaps you are more comfortable working with people who take a spontaneous, energetic approach than with people who work at a steadier, more cautious pace? If you recognize that there are some people you f [Ellipsis]