Licensing for Independent Adjusters

Adjusters investigate insurance claims arising out of losses such as from fires, car accidents and burglaries. They determine the amount of damage or loss covered by the insurance policy. Adjusters make recommendations regarding payment of benefits based on the coverage noted on the insurance policy, and negotiate payment and settlement. Loss adjusters also ensure that those who have suffered a loss receive all of the benefits and assistance to which they are entitled.

In complex or disputed claims situations, adjusters investigate, negotiate and settle claims in an efficient manner and in compliance with a variety of requirements.  Adjusters need to become familiar with legal terminology and how to read and interpret court decisions. Insurance adjusters work in the claims departments of insurance companies, or as public or independent adjusters. Insurance company adjusters represent insurers; public adjusters represent policyholders; and independent adjusters work for insurers or policyholders.

Licensing Requirements by Province

In all provinces and territories in Canada, individuals working as independent adjusters must become licensed. Depending on the province in which you live or are doing business, there are several levels of licensing as determined by the adjuster’s seniority and the amount of responsibility they have. 


There are three levels of adjuster licensing available in Alberta. View licensing requirements and offerings for the first level.

British Columbia

There are three levels of adjuster licensing available in British Columbia. View licensing requirements and offerings for adjusters.


There are three levels of adjuster licensing available in Ontario. View the licensing requirements.

All Other Provinces

For agent/broker and independent adjuster licences, the number and type of course will vary between provinces. Please contact your provincial regulator, Insurance Council, or local institute for information on the Institute courses that will apply in your jurisdiction.